Crystal activation healing

Crystal activations healing

“I open doors to spaces, you had no idea existed. I lead you into time warps, in which you, through the times, have left parts of yourself and your power, which you are now ready to bring home."

Everything is energy

and therefore it leaves a permanent impression.

A Crystal Activation healing with me is directed to the one, who wants all your power, who will no longer settle with less, but is more than ready to be all of your potential”. “I combine ancient wisdom and power with the new codes of the future, in order for your body and all the layers of your energies will be balanced and ready to hold your recurring power.”

“During the healing, I cleanse with vibrations and sounds, by which I am being guided via my channel, and I remove old energies and spirits that cling to you, and I nullify any possible old contracts and such, which will no longer serve your highest good.”

“A Crystal Activation healing can take place as physical attendance in my clinic or as a distant activation healing.”

Why choose a crystal activation healing?

“Those, who reach out to me, basically know their own power. But it has been hidden for such a long time that they have forgotten all about it. Therefore, when they reach out to me, they are more than ready.”

It is incredibly beautiful to witness the transformation, they go through, and witness how they leave an Activation healing stronger and more glowing.”

Everything is energy