Soul paintings

- How can you escalate your business and reach new hights?

- How can you strengthen and target the energy in the workplace?

- How do you cleanse the negative energies?


for houses or places/companies

I create a very direct path through the product to achieve the goals and visions of the company

What is a painting of the soul?

When I am creating a painting of the soul for a house or a company, I work my way through all the narratives and lives that have already been present.

We know this as an activity in a house, a certain feeling which determines whether you like the place or find it uncomfortable without being able to pinpoint why.

It can be good, since it can give a soul to a house, but the impressions can also be so severe that they leave a heavy end inconvenient energy, which affects the house/building or the employees in a workplace.

“If only the walls could talk,” is a saying a lot of people know, but usually do not consider literally speaking, even though it is exactly what walls can do.

As I am creating the painting of the soul layer by layer, I cleanse and heal these stories, in order for pure vibration and frequency to remain.

Everything is energy

and therefore it leaves a permanent impression

I heal with

crystals and vibrations

in the same way

I cleanse the narratives, which you have created through time, and which are tones of foundation in everything you experience. I open doors and portals to forgotten times, and I hold onto the space, in order for you to pass it and bring back whatever you need. I do not interfere with your process, but I support you the entire way, I guide you when I am told to do so, and I help you understand everything you see and experience along the way. Even though you are the one walking the path, you are not alone in your process.  

The vibrations I work with clear the rooms and cleanse the various pockets, in order for you to take leave of everything, you no longer need


Concerning me

I am an artist and an expert in working with energies.

I am a million years old, even though my birth certificate says 46. I have lived many lives in this one life, which provides me a lot of string to play, when I construct your unique product.

"In my view, nothing happens by chance, not even the fact that you stumbled on my web page. It happened because my energy match exactly what you and/or your company need right now. In other words, your soul has called out for me."